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Q: What are your rates?

A: Service Rates: $250 Includes lashes, choice of airbrush or traditional foundation and a trial.

$125 Includes lashes and choice of airbrush or traditional foundation. No trial.

Q: Do you require a retainer?

A: Yes. A 50% of all requested services retainer is required to book.

Q: Are the rates different for the Bride vs anyone else in the party?

A: No. The rates are the same for everyone with the exception of Jr Bridesmaids (12yrs or younger) which have a rate of $75.

Q: Do you offer partial services? I.e. Eyes only

A: No. Only full service is offered to ensure the best results. However false lash applications are available for $25 which does not include any products i.e. liner, mascara etc.

Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: Yes. A four person minimum is required to book.

Q: Do you have an additional artist fee?

A: Yes. If an additional artist is needed due to party size (7 or more) or timeline, a $100 fee is added.

Q: Do you travel to our venue?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you charge a travel fee?

A: Yes. The rate is .75/mile roundtrip for all services outside of the salon with a $25 minimum. Travel fees apply to additional artists when needed.

Q: How long does each service take?

A: 45 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED time. Please plan your timeline to accommodate the number of services you are requesting.

Bridal Services F.A.Q: Welcome
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